Here’s a recap of my first season of Financial Karma Podcast.  Here are highlights of what I learned from launching my podcast this summer. Money is involved in everything we do. We should be prepared to make informed decisions and we can change ourselves with awareness, intention, and accountability.


  • Episode  0:  I talk about how I started and why I’m a financial karma coach. I was interviewed by Lisa Vogt.
  • Episode 1:  Splash into Summer, with Nick Snapp. Nick discussed how he got into podcasting, what got him out of the corporate world, how he got into productivity, set routines, and bring up productivity to people.
  • Episode 2:  A Delicious Summer with Alexandra Jamieson. She discusses how to do the body scan, listening to your body’s messages. What it means to observe and listen to every part of your body. She discusses the activities best for summer.
  • Episode 3:  Women with Wanderlust with Melissa Jones. Melissa helps people to add polish to their personal and business branding with her design. She lives for travel, new challenges, and adventures and recommends traveling to everyone who can afford it.
  • Episode 4:  Summer Tips for Mannafest Living with Sarah Mastriani-Levi.  She discusses naturopathic medicine and holistic bodywork. She has had extensive clinical practice and is a certified practitioner in the following fields: advanced reflexology, shiatsu, Swedish massage, manual lymph drainage, iridology, aromatherapy and herbology. She  also discusses stuff such as:  How we create a plastic life, It’s not what happens to you, but how you handle what happens to you,  How to find your “allowable rebellions”,  The biggest factor that contributes to Sarah’s success as a coach,  Why fear has never stopped or defined Sarah,  Why you need to be curious, Different challenges with the lifestyle choices we make,  How she intentionally makes time to connect with her children,  Why being outside should be a priority in your life,  How to make positive changes in your life to get what you need, Why dieting is something you should avoid,  and Why Sarah loves her work and how she helps people.
  • Episode 5: Back to School (and more) with Bruce Langford. Mindfulness needs to go with every student’s return to school.  Does mindfulness apply to your finances? YES! Most of our money decisions—good or bad—are affected by our subconscious mind. Through his work as a mindfulness coach, Bruce helps his clients with the many problems of life with gentleness, candor, and respect. His passion is to help people become more calm, focused, and happy.
  • Episode 6: The Girls of Summer with Amy Lopez.  Lying is wrong  and  can lead to all sorts of problems. There are so many negative character traits that we unknowingly cultivate when we choose to be untruthful. So, be the best YOU that you can be, and tell the truth.  Amy Lopez, works with 3rd-8th grade girls, helping build confidence in the next generation of women.
  • Episode 7:  Change of Seasons and Meditation with Joe Somodi. Joe is a professional yoga teacher and certified life coach who helps people incorporate a daily practice of meditation into their lives.  He talks about attaching to the good and detaching from the bad.
  • Episode 8:  End of Summer Wrap-Up with Deb Williams.   In this podcast, I recommend Camp Good Life Project to connect with people to enhance your business and your life. Having these types of connections allows you to have support and input from others in your business. Knowing you have connections that have your back, it is such a relief.   Having connected relationships is a wealth all its own. Focusing on this aspect of wealth first will allow you to manifest other types of wealth. There is more to wealth than the almighty dollar. Running your business from a spirited place will allow you to grow in innumerable ways.
  • Episode 9:  Moving on to the Fall and Deb Williams Coaching Practice.  The  complexity of the brain, our neurons, and the coping strategies that we turn to is discussed in this episode. In addition, why I changed my point of view and the benefits it has brought me,  Better overall health,   How I approach decision-making (it starts with a deep breath!),   You can’t control what other people do; you can only control what YOU do.,  Gratitude—why it’s amazing Connection with people, How I blended the work I love Group and one-on-one work Giving people a safe place,  How I help you gain insights, and The 8 Money Personalities: Which ones describe you best?
  • Episode 10 Winging It, Owning It and Coming Out Ahead.  How to merge your finances with your psyche is discussed here.  I’ve got my CPA and my Tax clients too, so there’s a lot going on. I’m a bit overwhelmed at the moment and you can see why!   Karma Tip: The word is conviction. It’s being sure what you say and believe is true, and that can even be true to you. My conviction is to work on my self-care and reducing my stress level. Having an open mind causes people to hear each other out, and it can actually cause you to change your convictions. Thinking this way can bring about a more peaceful world.