For many years I have been looking for missing pieces to build the life of my dreams. I believe it can be anything one desires because people are as different as the dreamscapes they imagine. – Deb Williams


Hi my name is Deb Williams! In the podcast world episode “0” is the coolest of all episodes because it’s all about ME! Me talking about me and what I want to talk about and what better way to start out because I love to talk! I will give you fair warning this episode may be all over the place. That’s the kind of the person I am. I’m all over the place.

I am going to do this podcast in a seasonal approach as long as it works for me and my listeners. There will be eight podcasts per season. That way I can gear the conversation towards the season we are going into and the seasons of our lives.

I need to shout out to my terrific kids: Jamie and Zack Williams. I am loving experiencing this new relationship with them. They have been supportive of what I am doing. Jamie has been bringing in people to my Facebook group from different age groups. Zack has created the music you have been hearing in this podcast. I hope you have enjoyed listening to it! Also be sure to listen all the way to the end for a little “piece of security”.

Show Notes:

  • Why the name Financial Karma?
  • Why think about financial karma?
  • How is she going to bring in her work as a financial coach?
  • What personal struggles has she had?
  • Why did she pick a podcast instead of a blog?
  • What kind of stories will be told on the show?


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