Let’s start with episode 2! Let’s have a delicious summer with Alex Jamieson! I am so excited to have her on the show and that she is honoring me with being one of the first people I interview. She is an entrepreneur with the spirit of a wise woman. She communicates so many ways with the world. She is the author of Women Food and Desire, she is a blogger, a true business woman and affiliations with people who can bring it all together that will help you with it comes to your nutrition. She is a mentor to so many women and also called the Cravings Whisperer.


Show Notes:

  • What does listen to your body mean?
  • How does sleep affect your body?
  • What sort of things can mess with sleep?
  • What kinds of activities does she recommend for summer?
  • “Wanting what you want to want”
  • Go to the famer’s market!
  • Ayurveda? What’s that?


Women Food and Desire- Alex Jamieson


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