Have you noticed that summer is drawing to a close? Has it hit you yet that “back-to-school” is a fast-approaching reality? Whether you’re a parent or a student, our discussion today will apply to you. Besides backpacks, notebooks, pencils and such, there is another item that needs to go with every student’s return to school: MINDFULNESS. Does mindfulness apply to your finances? YES! Most of our money decisions—good or bad—are affected by our subconscious mind. Let’s bring these thoughts together and meet our guest.

Bruce Langford has been an expert in the field of bullying prevention since 2003. Through his work as a mindfulness coach, Bruce helps his clients with the many problems of life with gentleness, candor, and respect. His passion is to help people become more calm, focused, and happy. Don’t we all want to feel more grounded, peaceful, content, and relaxed? Bruce can help! He lives in Canada with his wife and son, and hosts the podcast, Mindfulness Mode. Join me to learn more from Bruce!

In this episode, Bruce also discusses:

  • How Bruce created a DJ character to teach about bullying prevention
  • How mindfulness combats bullying
  • The path to podcasting
  • How parents should prepare for back-to-school
  • Why some women don’t think they are good with money
  • Empowerment vs. Disempowerment in our kids
  • How money makes us “victims”
  • Do-over’s: We all need them!
  • Money, mindset, and mindfulness: The connection
  • Strategies for mindfulness, including meditation and journaling
  • Why accountability is important, helpful, and HUGE
  • Responsibility: Take it on!
  • Look at the bigger picture around bullying
  • Being a victim: Why it becomes an easy solution
  • Honesty: What does it really mean?
  • Bruce’s takeaway tip: “We are all ONE people.”
  • Listen for today’s Karma Tip about watching your words. Make sure they build up instead of tear down!



Email Bruce: bruce@mindfulnessmode.com

Find resources, including Bruce’s free meditations and videos: www.mindfulnessmode.com/focus