Welcome! Today we are talking to Sarah Mastriani Levy over a cup of tea-cino! Sarah has a podcast called Simple Change, and is also a Holistic Healthy and Lifestyle Coach!  Sarah has an interesting background and grew up living for awhile in Grand Canyon National Park!

Sarah Mastriani-Levi was born in the United States and spent the first 18 years of her life traveling with her family and studying in various regions of the U.S.  In 1995, she moved to Israel and began her training in naturopathic medicine and holistic bodywork.  She has had extensive clinical practice and is a certified practitioner in the following fields: advanced reflexology, shiatsu, Swedish massage, manual lymph drainage, iridology, aromatherapy, and herbology.

In this episode, Sarah also discusses:

  • How we create a plastic life
  • It’s not what happens to you, but how you handle what happens to you
  • How to find your “allowable rebellions”
  • The biggest factor that contributes to Sarah’s success as a coach
  • Why fear has never stopped or defined Sarah
  • Why you need to be curious
  • Everything is “Google-able”
  • How to get the best returns on your investments in life
  • Different challenges with the lifestyle choices we make
  • How she intentionally makes time to connect with her children
  • Why being outside should be a priority in your life
  • How to make positive changes in your life to get what you need
  • Why dieting is something you should avoid
  • Why Sarah loves her work and how she helps people

Connect with Sarah:

Website: http://mannafestliving.com/

Simple Change Podcast: http://mannafestliving.com/simple-change/