We’re moving along in our summer series—now to Episode 3! My guest is Melissa Jones, who wears many hats in the creative world. She refers to herself as a “Creative Entrepreneur.” We can describe her as a designer, author, marketer, artist, editor, traveler, photographer, foodie, whiskey-lover, and shoe collector. Melissa runs her own business, helping people add polish to their personal and business branding with her brilliant design. Melissa believes in supporting companies who are devoted to making the world a better place. She lives for travel, new challenges, and adventures. She has trekked to over 40 countries with her pottery, painting, and photographs. Melissa’s new book is Women with Wanderlust, a Kindle edition available on amazon.com. Join me for an amazing conversation with Melissa!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How Melissa and I met at Camp Good Life Project last summer
  • Camp for grown-ups? What’s that about?
  • Travel and new experiences make you a better person
  • Why Melissa wants to inspire more women to travel
  • What draws Melissa to adventure? Curiosity!
  • Why Melissa has returned to China and Cambodia several times
  • Her most inspiring country? Bali
  • Where she felt most at home? Ireland
  • The country that was different than expected? Taiwan
  • Her most luxurious experiences? Bali and South Africa
  • The easiest country to get around? Europe
  • Budget-conscious trips? SE Asia, Eastern Europe; use frequent flyer miles
  • Melissa shares her coolest and craziest travel experiences, too!
  • Why you should travel in the off-season
  • Melissa’s upcoming trips: Where do you think she wants to go next?
  • Also in this episode: My Karma Tip about practicing what you preach and why this is important


Women with Wanderlust by Melissa Jones (Kindle edition, at www.amazon.com)


Email Melissa:  Melissa@rouxroamer.com

Find Melissa on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, too!