The word detachment has been a recurring thought for me lately. It’s an intriguing concept: detaching FROM something. I picture a balloon floating away when I think of the word. There are many benefits of detaching from difficult situations in life. Attaching and detaching play perfectly into our guest and our conversation for today’s show.

My guest today is Joe Somodi, a professional yoga teacher and certified life coach who helps people incorporate a daily practice of meditation into their lives. I met Joe when we both took an online course called Revolution University in 2014. Joe’s life story is an interesting one as he left “the good life” behind and pursued his dreams. Let’s chat with Joe!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Why Joe focuses on helping people with their inward journey
  • Seeing yourself and the world clearly
  • 32 years old—flat on his back in NYC—something had to change!
  • Began yoga to help back spasms
  • How much do you REALLY know about yourself?
  • Make the unconscious, conscious
  • How do you hold tension in your body?
  • Outer world and inner world
  • It’s all about organization!
  • Increase your capacity for change
  • Self-mastery, self-reflection, and meditation
  • Meditation doesn’t have to be long!
  • Let it go or Let it be
  • Attachment vs. detachment
  • Innate joy
  • Take charge of your inner life: Your finances WILL improve!
  • Joe’s Impact Challenge: Begin, Build, and Blossom—a 30-day program