I’m taking back my power as far as what I can accomplish. It’s taken me a really long time to get here, but I’m here now and ready to keep my eye on the prize. My prize is my physical health.  With that comes every other aspect of my life.

I’ve picked lots of significant days to stop smoking before. I’ve now made the commitment to take by my power with my health. I’m picking my day to honor my children’s birthday’s. In my case, I want to be able to visualize having the health and wellness that I want. I want to be able to reclaim my health so I can understand how I feel in my own skin.

In there here and now, I want to have success.I want to focus on what’s going on right now. Things won’t always go as planned, but that is life.I’ve made a commitment to the day, but I’ve also made a commitment to myself. Come along with my journey!