As you know, I’m on a journey of self-reflection and discovering where I am going on my business journey. I’ve come to realize at my age, is that I’ve spent a lot of my life being in conflict with what I really wanted to do vs. what others wanted me to do. I’m now beginning to embrace being a rebel, and I don’t mind it at all.


I’ve been doing my research on Deb time, and I’ve broken it down into 3 parts.


  1. Going out into the world to see what is out there and available and science-based. I want to look for people that are smart, honest and well qualified to lend a viewpoint to my life.
  2. Getting involved with other people one on one and in groups. I am so happy to be in so many groups that help meet this need in me. It’s not only fun, but it’s empowering. To be around others who want to make a difference and walk with them.
  3. The “me” piece – how am I feeling in my own body? My mediation coach works with me on much of this. I’m working on something so basic as walking and my posture. 
I am using Dr. Aviva Romm’s book The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution and I am learning so much before I embark on this 28-day journey. I was so floored after I had conversations with my Dr. and I felt like I knew more about thyroid issues than he did. This encounter left me feeling very icky about the entire medical profession. I have to trust my body and trust how I am feeling in my body. 
Emotions are a part of our physical health, and how I feel about myself plays a huge role in my health. That is a huge part of this journey and I’m getting ready to take back my power.
In the next episode, I’ll be talking about picking the day to start the journey and plan for success.