In the last episode, I told you about my new journey of reflection that I was embarking on based on the Thyroid Adrenal Revolution Book by Dr. Aviva Rom.. Today, I want to share with you the catalyst for my journey.


I wanted to go inward to get my physical health where it needs to be. I have suffered with a lack of energy, and I’m still in prep mode for this journey.


I have a beach house that I rent out all summer. I was staying there for a bit, and a few days into my trip, I noticed I started getting really itchy. I wasn’t sure if I was dealing with sand fleas or something else. The rash kept getting worse and I went to a party with some friends and started talking with some friends about it. Needless to say, we realized I was dealing with bed bugs.


I chose to get a heat treatment on the house, rather than treat it with chemicals. After this situation, I went into a funk and got depressed. Felt really violated.It’s taken close to a month to get over my symptoms. I was stressed out so much that I ended up breaking out in hives.


I took some benadryl when I got home and slept for 15 hours. This was the catalyst that told me it was time to take charge of my body and my health. I believe that if you can figure out your physical wellness, you can also figure out your financial wellness.


I’ve ridden the financial roller coaster in the last several years. The one remnant I salvaged was my beach house. I hit rock bottom and I want you to learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to go there.


Tomorrow we’re talking about the research needed to get ready to make the changes you need to make.