One way or another we all take from others – from our families, from the government or others that we aren’t even aware of. So now we are in a place where there’s a lot of finger-pointing that goes on, and it’s created an environment where people are at odds with each other. Blaming others and pointing fingers at those that we perceive to be taking from the system isn’t helpful. Actually, it makes us a hypocrite because, in many ways, we are also getting welfare.

In truth, we all should be taking and giving in our society. We all need each other and no one is truly self-sufficient. This giving and taking is what makes us part of a community and makes us feel like part of the tribe. No everyone living in poverty is taking welfare. Many are struggling to be self-sufficient and living at a very low standard. People that are struggling don’t need the stigma of “taking welfare” to traumatize them because it is counterproductive to everything they are attempting to do.

Since the Industrial Revolution in this country, we have been creating problems that we now need to solve. Problems like climate change, population shifts, work force changes, and many more. It takes an entire society to try and solve these problems, but we all have to work together. Open your mind to a different approach to things and see where that gets you. it will improve your growth mindset and how you view the world.