I just feel lighter! Well, let me back up and explain. Sometimes our family relationships get a little bit out of whack. We may have demands placed on us that are unreasonable, and we also may find that our expectations are constantly not being met by family members. It’s been true for me, that when I release emotional weight, my physical weight gets in balance. I think so many of us got through life with more of an “emotional weight problem” than we do a physical weight problem and those go hand in hand.
Releasing yourself from the emotional bondage of past mistakes and problematic family relationships can provide freedom for you emotionally, and that’s what makes me feel lighter! Emotional baggage can impact your physical weight and also your money. There are so many emotions tied up in both of those aspects of our lives. The scarcity mentality can overtake your financial life and it’s important for you to work through your issues with family relationships and with your money.
I encourage you to embrace abundance in all of your relationships! This will take your relationship with money and family in the right direction, and you won’t be weighed down with the negative aspects that can be harmful to you!