Today, Deb focuses on the new year and what it could bring. She records her first show for this year while walking through the streets of Washington DC and urges you to think in terms of becoming more active with what you can control, outside in the world.

Deb talks about two things on today’s show. First, a small thing that you can do to take responsibility, have more say and get your voice heard out there. Second, she offers you an action plan for your finances, by giving you 2 assignments to help you budget more effectively. Listen in and learn from Deb how you can increase your financial health and also take a more active role in decisions affecting the nation.

Today, Deb talks about:

  • The various people being assembled due to a new administration and how you can take more responsibility in that area.
  • How the decisions made by the people in administration will affect you.
  • Deb urges you to call your political representative and tell them how you feel about the people being appointed to cabinet.
  • She explains exactly how you can contact your political representative.
  • The 2 assignments, which go hand in hand.
  • How you can learn to value yourself without regard to money.
  • Changing your habits being a huge part of changing the framework of your life.
  • How to contact US Capital.



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