Are you held back in business by negative ideas? Would you like to learn how to really think big? Then join Deb Williams, CPA, Financial Coach and host of Financial Karma, on today’s show as she talks to her guest, Paula Hope, about her first book, Stop The Saboteurs and also about how you can master your thoughts and create the revenue you deserve.

Paula, a ‘magnificent manifestor’ with more than thirty years of experience in the field, describes herself as a person who helps business professionals create the revenue they deserve. She speaks, writes, trains and coaches business professionals to conquer their saboteurs, by growing their networking, referral, building and sales process skills. She’s an expert on referral marketing and strategic networking and owns a business called Booked Solid. She applies her decades of experience in offering solutions to self-destructive fear and self-limiting behaviors that can impede your success.

Join Deb and Paula today, as they talk about:

  • Paula’s background and how she got to where she is today.
  • Sales not generally being respected as a career.
  • How your revenue as a business owner is tied into how you feel about yourself in that role.
  • Her book being a business development book rather than a self-help book.
  • Paula’s concept of negative thoughts as ‘saboteurs’.
  • What makes new small business owners vulnerable to negative ideas.
  • The self-assessment process in Paula’s book.
  • Honoring what you do in business.
  • Busting myths about money.
  • Feeling the joy and thinking big- to trick your brain and change your mindset.
  • How your self-esteem affects your value in your business.
  • How we tend to underestimate our talents, because they make things seem easy.
  • You don’t have to be your history.
  • Watch your words- they could reflect a belief that you don’t even hold.
  • People think in symbols.
  • Paula’s favourite strategies for success.


Download Paula’s Saboteur Self-Assessment Here!


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