Are you looking for a new and effective way to market your business? Or would you welcome some business coaching from experienced professionals? If so, listen in and learn from today’s episode of Financial Karma, an experimental episode, recorded at the DC Podfest, where podcasters come together to celebrate and share what they do and to learn from each other.

Today’s guest and co-host is Shawn Rubbin. Shawn and host, Deb Williams, have gone from being baseball moms together, twenty years ago, to becoming best friends and earnest supporters of each other in business.¬† Both are big believers in karma. They have learned that the challenges of the past are the very things that are the indicators of today’s success. Shawn has been a creative professional for more than thirty years. She has gone from print to web, with everything in between. She’s an internet interpreter, a digital trouble shooter and a creative disrupter. She is currently working on a project to help promote podcasting. These are short promo videos of animated audio. Shawn believes that this style will help podcasters to get their word seen. Join Deb and Shawn today as they go about¬† Disrupting Business As Usual.

Today, Deb and Shawn talk about:

  • Why Deb will make a great financial coach- what she offers and how it works, with the goal to explore your money habits and mindset.
  • Deb tells a fabulous, cautionary tale to illustrate her karma tip for today.
  • Deb explains why people pleasing does not work in business.
  • Deb talks about the battle between fear and faith, currently going on in America.
  • Deb’s money quiz on her website, which will help you identify your money archetype.
  • The value of Shawn doing a podcast as a marketing tool.
  • How iTunes exists simply as a catalog!
  • The value of podcasts as a medium of expression.
  • How podcasts can elevate the host to a more ‘known’ or credible status.
  • That podcasts have the quality of feeling like a radio show, but have the benefit of being able to replay, if necessary.
  • Some things Shawn learned at the conference about the money making aspect of being an entrepreneur and also about dealing with fear through podcasts as a medium.
  • Some changes Shawn will implement as a result of what she learned at the Podfest-and also some things she needs to ‘unlearn’.
  • The value of sharing one’s vulnerability on a podcast.
  • How the podcast community can breed generosity, which brings good karma!


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The recording of today’s episode was done for free at the podfest, by Justin and Matt, of the group New Media Studio from Pensylvania, to test their audio services. To contact them, go to: