It’s the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” so why is it that so many of us feel overwhelmed? With decorations to hang, gifts to buy, parties to attend, and families to appease, life tends to take on a hectic pace as the year draws to a close. The temptation would be to run far, far away from the chaos of this last year, and avoid financial planning, organization, and new habit forming until the new year. It seems like there is too much else to do.

“Figure out what you love about the holidays, and do that.”  

But now is the best time to Simplify.

In this week’s episode of “Financial Karma,” Deb shares how her own view of the Holiday Season has changed, and shares some big news about her new business as a Financial Coach. Gain some insight into your own celebrations this season as Deb interviews Janie Downey-Maxwell: writer, artists, musician, coach, publisher, and blogger. Janie runs the show at and she has some incredible wisdom to share for your Holiday Season. Deb and Janie dive into the life-encompassing world of Organizational Habits, and how a deep look at your current habits, goals, and emotions around the holidays can be more revealing about your Financial Karma in 2017 than you might realize.

This episode is packed with everything you need to get organized this Holiday Season!

  • Hear how Deb took a pause to pursue a personal dream and begin her business consulting with women on financial literacy and sustainability.
  • Get the steps you need to come up with a financial plan for 2017 before the year begins.
  • Learn ways to make the Holidays about your family, and NOT about the money you spend.
  • Embrace the word Simplicity, and hear from Janie about Organizational Zen
  • Can you be both creative and organized? Janie shows you how!
  • Figure out your habits or set some up as you plan your Holidays
  • See how spending time on your personal habits and dreams are an example for your children, and not a selfish time-waster.
  • Learn how to tackle Holiday To-Dos without getting overwhelmed.
  • Discover how organization spills over into your personal wealth, both financial and emotional.
  • See how Deb and Janie embrace Joy and make choices in pursuit of that during the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.
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