It’s important for us to continue to work on the dreams that we have in our lives. Sometimes it takes awhile to get there and it seems like this particular journey has taken me awhile. I heard something yesterday that made me appreciate exactly where I am. Angela Duckworth wrote the book about GRIT and she decided to pursue the MacArthur grant for $100 million dollars. They came up with an audacious idea and it’s 3 parts – health, education, and saving! What a combination to put together, but the reason they did is because they put forth the idea that these 3 areas need major change in our society in order to have a lasting impact.

Savings are important for your well being and life experience. I am so glad this was reinforced by these very smart ladies! Can you imagine if they were able to get $100 million in order to do this work in our world? They didn’t get the grant, but that’s not stopping them from doing the work anyway!

The more you save, the more self-sufficient you can be throughout the rest of your life. But also, it changes your relationship with money when you have savings. My goal is to share the message of financial literacy to as many people as possible.