My book group reads books that help us in our lives. Even though I am an accountant, I am also a creative person. We are currently reading a book about money and it’s about being creative with our money.


Too often we get boxed in with thoughts and plans and almost become paralyzed and unable to move forward and do all the things in life that we want to.


I am a believer in having faith that good things will happen to you. But I am not one to sit back and say “Oh well, God will provide” and you don’t have to worry about things. I would rather think of it as God supports me in my endeavors to provide for myself and take care of myself.


We all have temporary scarcities in our lives, but the important thing is what we do after that temporary scarcity.


  1. The reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once. Given enough time, the Universe will give you what you need.
  2. The Universe provides a framework for all good things. It takes the chaos of life out of play and allows things to evolve the way they are supposed to.The Universe provides openings for your next step.
  3. Anything is possible when you believe the Universe will give you a hand. 
When we are open to the Universe, it will bring the best to us and it will allow us to grow.